Possession open bangle bracelet

Possession open bangle bracelet in 18K rose gold set with 30 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.42 ct) and decorated with 2 mother-of-pearl cabochons. Bracelet REF G36PI916
Ürün Kodu: G36PI916 - G36PI914 - G36PI915 - G36PI917 - G36PI918 - G36PI919 - G36PI920

Express your personality with this Possession rose gold open bangle. Our classic rose gold diamond bangle bracelet welcomes a new addition, a luxury bangle bracelet set with a mother-of-pearl cabochon on each of its turning diamond-paved ends. This precious rose gold bangle bracelet can be worn on its own, or stacked with other Possession luxury bracelets to explore the many facets of your personality. Feel empowered by its energy, opening a world where anything is possible.

REF G36PI916

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