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House of Bijan, one of the most distinguished boutiques in the world, has been hosting unique design products of menswear, perfume, jewelry and accessories for more than 40 years. Located in Beverly Hills, with the world’s leading brands, House of Bijan is famous for its yellow Italian façade, collaboration with Bugatti and its ‘appointment only’ policy.

Founded by Iranian Bijan Pakzad in 1976, the brand has been run by the second generation Nicolas Bijan Pakzad since 2011. Bijan, one of the worldwide leading boutiques in fashion design, is described as “a pure classical but also timeless brand”.  The interior of House of Bijan, which opened a boutique in Las Vegas as its only store outside of Beverly Hills, was designed as specially as the objects inside. The design of the exclusive boutique consists of marble floors, woodwork, crystal chandeliers and precious artworks.

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