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Deciphering Discocó

Since its foundation in 1965 in Spain, Marset has been a brand that contemplates on more than illuminating spaces through lighting design. The brand summarizes its motto using words such as quality, technology, innovation, sustainability, authenticity, durability and rigor in one sentence. And it can be claimed that its designs puts a tick for all these criteria. The brand also adopts the principle of increasing life quality with its lighting solutions, and its lighting collection Discocó is conceptualized with a form and function that are ideal for exemplifying this thesis. 

The pendant lamp designed by Christophe Mathieu in 2008 has a sculptural form that can fill up the space even when turned off. Discocó contains midcentury codes, and owing to its layered structure, it brings an extra dimension to the environment creating shadow plays, and it easily adapts to different spaces. Bringing Scandinavian minimalism together with Mediterranean aesthetics, the lamp plays the leading role in Entropia’s Collectors’ Room.

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