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Ahmet Ertuğ’s library catalogue

Ertuğ & Kocabıyık Publications, founded by the photography artist Ahmet Ertuğ together with Ahmet Kocabıyık, the CEO of Borusan Holding, is renowned for bringing a different worldwide vision to art books publications. All the books created by the publishing house are complemented with photography from Ertuğ’s viewfinder and texts from renowned academics. 

As it can be understood with its name, “Temples of Knowledge: Historical Libraries of the Western World” gathers a collection of photographs from Europe’s most remarkable ancient libraries. In the book, stories composed by the Austrian academic Friedrich Krinzinger with a historical perspective accompany the photography from thirty ancient libraries from ten different cities of Europe. The photography collection composed of baroque monasteries, royal institutions and public libraries from the 19th century create a three-dimensional sense since the artist uses a 20×25 cm movie camera and due to his architectural training. Composed of 216 pages in total, the book is offered in a hand-made box covered with a special fabric.

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