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The poetic and kinetic wall clock

The Stockholm-based “Humans since 1982” is an art studio founded by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff in 1982, as it can be understood with the name of the studio. Shaped with a focus on minimalism, the ClockClock 24 is a design that has created a tremendous impact. The designer duo define the final product that has emerged by pushing the limits of a classical clock as poetic and kinetic. Having proceeded based on the question “How to shape time? the duo created the ClockClock 24 in line with these principles. 

The design resembles a kinetic statue and it is indeed a functioning and functional wall clock. The special edition of the design, i.e. “ClockClock 24 Golden Hands, limited to a number of 250, deviates from the classical version in terms of material choice. While mineral composite is used for the plate of the clock, its hands are gold plated. Positioned at the center of the space in Entropia Collectors Room, the design absolutely resembles a piece of art when it does not show the passage of time. 

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