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Picture for blog post The Clockclock 24, Manufactured By Humans Since 1982, Is available at the Entropia Store

The Clockclock 24, Manufactured By Humans Since 1982, Is available at the Entropia Store

Founded in 2009 by Thu Emanuelsson, who was born in Sweden in 1982, Humans since 1982 has always managed to attract attention with its unique designs since its inception. Nowadays, the studio continues to produce much more unique works with a much larger team.

The design of the company, which assigns a very important place to watches among its designs, has managed to become the most sought after and desired product by people who are interested in both watches and art, since it was launched under the name Clockclock24.

This model, which has gained quite a lot of attention all over the world, is now in Entropia stores!

What makes Clockclok24 so unique is that it was designed with a highly innovative approach, from a combination of classic, analog clocks to a digital display. With each minute change, the analog parts, instead of making calcic movements, turn into a digital indicator with a holistic understanding, providing a harmonious movement with other parts. In this way, it becomes very exciting to follow the progress of time through this watch model, which is both intriguing and has a very high visual pleasure.

Clockclock24 allows you to edit the dashboard in accordance with the 12-hour or 24-hour time zones, depending on preference. All parts are made of very high-quality materials, and it is presented to watch enthusiastic as a very active and remarkable product with 48 different motor movements.

Entropia store has proved again that it is far beyond ordinary watchmaking with this model that it offers for sale. In addition to many high-quality watches in the store, this watch model, designed with artistic taste, can also be purchased at the Entropia store.

Owning Clockclock24 offers a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction far beyond having an ordinary wall clock.

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