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Professional gastronomic travels

During travel planning, one of the most significant determinative reasons while deciding on a destination is the gastronomic opportunities offered by a city. At this point, conducting a comprehensive research and finding the best restaurants and cafés in the city becomes a seriously time-consuming activity. Although there are some who find this activity enjoyable, there is a series of books that can be considered to have been created for minimizing this effort. Phaidon’s “Where Chefs Eat” offers a list of recommendations from 630 chefs for 70 different countries. 

As you might guess, pickiness of these chefs, who spend most of their time at the restaurants where they work, in terms of their rare travels is at a different level than any travel writer. Therefore, the popularity gained by the book inspired the publisher for adapting the approach to different sectors and creating a series consisting of various contents. We recommend that you include “Where to Drink Coffee”, created with the recommendations of baristas from different countries, and “Where to Eat Pizza”, covering the recommendations from pizza chefs, to your library. 

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