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Metropolitan portraits

The “Portrait of a City” is series of books created by Taschen publication that review the most impressive photographs and stories of certain metropolis, such as New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Wien, London, Berlin and Paris in similar formats. The books narrate the historical events encountered by the cities with a chronological perspective, and their references lists are quite long. The contents enriched with quotations from films, books, TV series or songs can be summarized as the coffee table book versions of the cultural, sociological and photographic heritage of the selected city. 

While the New York edition of the series, consisting of 600 pages, offers the opportunity to admire the photographs of approximately 150 photographers, such as Margaret Bourke-White, Berenice Abbot and Allen Ginsberg, that are published for the first time, the Paris version of the books ensures that the supremacy of the metropolis in fashion, art and architecture can be seen through the viewfinder of photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Louis Daguerre and Henry Fox Talbott. We strongly recommend that you place the version of your favorite city on your coffee table. 

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