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Knowledge store of the 1001 series

Can basic topics from various disciplines of world knowledge be summarized with 1001 statement? Cassell publishing searches the formula of that endeavor with the book series of 1001 that has been published since the beginning of the millennium and which has been updated as the years pass by. The series has an experience of 20 years in terms of optimizing, under 1001 titles, the books that should be read, the films that should be watched and the quotations that should be learned. 

Although we generally confine ourselves to thumb through the pages of the books in this series, and to take a glance at its suggestions, it seems that, nowadays, we have plenty of time to actually follow those suggestions, and this series of books is capable of responding to all the cultural activities that we are in search of, and it has a content that focuses on developing our world knowledge in a compact manner. While the “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die” offers you suggestions about your selection of books, the “1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die” helps you when you need to expand your knowledge of art history, and when you need inspiration, “1001 Quotations to Inspire You Before You Die” will offer you the quotations of celebrities from different eras, and these are only a couple of the titles offered by the series.

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