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Picture for blog post Have you met ClockClock 24?

Have you met ClockClock 24?

The simple definition for ClockClock 24 would be a Wall clock. Well, is it just that? Of course not! It is both a kinetic sculpture and a moving, functioning wall clock. An artwork which has been a signature piece of Humans since 1982 since it was first launched in 2016. The individual clock hands veer from unpredictable, mechanical spinning to perfect synchronization, illustrating a shifting choreography of disarray and structure. Once each minute, the clock hands align to tell the time as a digital clock. 

This artwork – we would rather call itself an artwork than a clock, since it is a piece worth exhibiting at MOMA! – is a proof that time can be shaped and aesthetized by combining analog and digital elements in an innovative and fun way. As the hour hands oscillate between abstract movement patterns and precise alignment, the passage of time becomes an almost tactile concept that is both curious and visually intriguing.

ClockClock 24 demonstrates its creators’ constant engegament in conceptual complexity, along with technical precision and expert craftsmanship. Each piece of the work is carefully put together, sent from By Humans Since 1982’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you want to examine this exceptional artwork closely, and perhaps even see it on your own wall, the address you need to visit is Entropia Nişantaşı! As Entropia, we are proud to present you this unique piece of art, presented to the world of watches by By Humans Since 1982, in our gallery!


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