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Guides for explorers

For some, travel is much more than a “must-see” list. Instead of following the tour guide, these people prefer to get lost in the mysterious alleys; and search for the stories of an old antiquarian instead of gazing at the sparkling showcases of the gift shops. The New York Times Explorer series of Taschen, the treasured publisher of collectors’ books, is for explorers who aim to return with new stories from each trip. Edited by Barbara Ireland, the travelogue consists of first-hand experiences from the distinguished travel journalists of The New York Times, practical tips for your travels and photos that capture the unique spirit of the locations. You will find dozens of destinations that will spark your passion for travel, from the pink sands of Bermuda to the wild beauty of Namibia, from the cobbled streets of Lisbon to the gleaming nights of Tokyo.

The vibrant colored books of The New York Times Explorer series reveal the fascinating beauty of untouched environments, while offering new perspectives for familiar destinations. 25 locations reviewed by acclaimed travel journalists in each book, the series address different tastes with beaches and islands, mountains and deserts, biking and railway routes, along with cities and towns. Although placing your finger on a world map to choose your next destination is not an option nowadays due to pandemic related travel restrictions, The New York Times Explorer series will surely inspire you for the upcoming adventures.

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