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Picture for blog post Entropia, designed by the famous Ofist brand, managed to attract attention in Architizer

Entropia, designed by the famous Ofist brand, managed to attract attention in Architizer

Following in the Footsteps of Cultural Heritage

Evaluating the needs of the project according to many different standards, Ofist continues to produce unique products in each new project. Established in Istanbul in 2004 by interior architects and designers Yasemin Arpac and Sabahattin Emir, Ofist continues to act with the responsibility of being an important part of this city, which has hosted different cultures for centuries and has reached the size of a metropolis today, and with the urge to protect its cultural heritage.

The Entropia store, designed by Ofist in accordance with today’s standards, without sacrificing its professionalism and going beyond the classical molds in this project, as in all its projects, can be positioned in a leading place in its field. The Entropia design by Ofist, which emerged as an incomparable piece of luxury and high-end watchmaking, was also featured on the pages of Architizer, the sharing and evaluation center for boutique designs.

Witness the End Point of the Boutique Concept

Entropia store, which is prepared as a visual work of art, is a kind of work that will shed light on all brands that develop elite and superior products beyond being an ordinary store. The authors of Architizer, who stated that today’s stores are not only a product display area, but also resemble galleries of original and catchy installations, have the same idea about this success.

With the idea of ​​reflecting the personality, which is the primary goal of each brand in today’s conditions, which require to include stores that will allow them to accurately reflect their products and services, the understanding of retail merchandising has also been moved to a completely different area. Entropia, which was opened in Istanbul in December 2019 and is a “first” in the field of high watchmaking, as Architizer stated, with keeping up with innovative concepts, in addition to Cartier, IWC and Panerai watches, collaborates with art galleries and artists. We can say that it offers an unforgettable experience to its guests in the store the work is hosted.

A curation of works, which will be redesigned every season and accompanied by the Fernando Botero statue and Ahmet Ertuğ photograph, is exhibited at Entropia Istanbul. Cartier, IWC and Panerai watch models belonging to Richemont Group are also open to visitors in the shop in Nişantaşı St. Regis Hotel building, along with Clock Clock watches of the Stockholm-based ‘Humans since 1982’ art studio. It is possible to reach the details of the Ofist design on the Architizer pages by clicking the link.

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