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Challenge of a thousand years

Do works of art have to be immortal, or how long does it take before a creation can be considered a work of art? Italian artist Daniele Sigalot suggests in his installation that a thousand years of existence would be “ENOUGH” for him. exhibited for the first time at an event held on November 21, 2019, the digital clock started its countdown of 31.556.908.800 seconds at 19:30. It will fulfill its mission exactly 1000 years after this date if it functions accordingly. Time will show how it will be affected by physical, cultural and economic factors and if it will be successful in offering new perspectives to viewers.

Uttering “I didn’t want to be an artist. It was an accident”, Sigalot is an artist who is generally known for using different materials and interdisciplinary techniques in innovative forms. He worked in advertising agencies for years and produced many forgettable campaigns, and focusing on his art since 2007, he started working on creations that would last for hundreds of years. His paper airplane installations made of metal plates that never lose their shapes, huge installations that turn unrealized ideas into an ironic crumpled paper stack, and the digital clock, which does not stop the countdown even when it is turned off, encourages us to ask questions about our short lives.


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